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What's a simple eco-friendly habit all families can start?

What would you say to moms who want to be more eco-friendly, but worry it will be more expensive?

What's one of your favorite eco-friendly brands you've discovered?

What's an easy, eco-friendly habit that could help families save money?

Jennifer Nitzky

One of the best ways to save money AND be eco-friendly is to reuse / recycle what you already have! Save tons of money on storage containers by reusing glass and plastic food containers when they are empty. Baby food jars are the best for storing small items or reusing for other food. I have been reusing mine for years now for my home-made pesto (great way to share as well!) and applesauce or other sauces. Growing up, my Dad used the jars to organize all his nails, screws, nuts and bolts in the garage (yep, I now do that too - including buttons, pins, tacks, paperclips... ). We also reuse larger plastic containers (from things like rice, pretzels, peanut butter) to organize or hold arts and craft items, small toys, coins, odds and ends...Containers can also be reused as planters! (see related blog post) Reusing containers and also packaging not only saves $$ but reduces the amount of waste (if they are not recycleable).
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