The Squashed Bologna

A "Sandwich Generation" blog about trying to stay sane while simultaneously caring for aging/dying elderly parents and 8 year-old twins, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum, the other of whom has a bit of ADD (as does the blogging Mom).

What mental wellness or mental health issues do you blog about?

If you could give other moms one tip on mental wellness, what would it be?

What mental wellness resources would you recommend for moms? (Support systems, specific websites...)

Please share a link to a photo of your child's funniest drawing.

Varda Steinhardt

It turns out that my 9 year-old autistic son Jacob is quite an amazing budding artist. While his favorite subjects are cartoon and movie characters - current obsessions are Batman, DragonBall-Z-Kai and StarWars - I can occasionally persuade him to draw other things, and actively encourage him to look to the ACTUAL world around him for inspiration. Here is a picture of our family cat that I asked Jake to draw last winter. You will see a look of intense anxiety in the cat's eyes, and that is because Jake LOVES the cat so much he chases her around the house attempted to hug and kiss her all day long. And so this is how she looks when he is close to capturing her. Really. Also note he drew claws on only her hind paws, because she actually only has hind claws (she's a rescue cat we got this way). I had no idea he had noticed that. This is the post the cat picture appeared in:
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