Starting Over Wonderful

Just when everyone else is settling down, I'm starting over at 30 as a single, divorced mom. Named Phenom.

Phenom is a winner of Top 25 Single Moms - 2012

Between raising your children, working, and managing your home, how do you carve out time for yourself?

I've learned to let things go! I can't always have clean counters and the laundry isn't always put away. But every night, before bed, those few hours of peace and quiet are mine and mine alone. I make sure of it.

What's your favorite thing to do with your children on the weekends or other free time?

Saturday mornings in our PJs, snuggled up together in my bed watching cartoons -- that's my favorite thing in the world. We don't have to rush out the door to daycare, the chores can wait. It is our special time, just me and my son.

What responsibilities or chores do your children have to help you around the house? (Please share the age of your children if you feel comfortable doing so.)

I'm trying to teach my one year old to clean up his toys every night before bed, but it is sort of like trying to shovel snow while its blizzarding.