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What inspired you to start blogging?

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What's your family's favorite recipe for chicken or tofu?

John Donohue

Roast chicken is my favorite, and my wife and young children love it. It's so easy and so versatile. I used to do it with lemon, ginger, and thyme, but I was recently inspired by Marcella Hazan to make one Italian style. She had some simple suggestions, rosemary and garlic primarily, that turned a weeknight chicken into a surprise trip to a trattoria. The nice thing, too, about making a roast chicken is that it doesn't take much active labor. It will be in the oven for about an hour, but you can spend that time playing with the kids, doing homework, watching TV, reading a book, or whatever you want. I encourage you to try it. Just remember, you can do it!
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What's a great finger food that your kids love? Please include a link.

John Donohue

My kids love to eat kale chips. I know that might sound weird, but think of them as green potato chips. They're crispy, salty, and yummy. To be honest, sometimes they turn their noses up at them when I first put them on the table, but almost always, by the time I turn around the plate is empty. They're inexpensive, nutritious, and easy to make. Do them in the morning, and, after you turn the oven off, let them sit there all day. They get better and better. Try them!
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