Sticky Feet

After battling infertility, Jamie rides the rollercoaster of Work at Home Motherhood with a 4 year old little boy and 2 year old twin girls.

How do you split your time so that all your children get enough attention?

Do have any tips for handling sibling rivalry?

Moms of multiples are often experts at multitasking. Have you discovered a shortcut or trick that all moms could use?

Some toys remain favorites for years; can you recommend one for young children (age 2-5)?


My kids play with their Lego Duplo blocks more than any other toy. They are always building, creating, and pretending. If we could only have one toy, it would definitely be Duplos. Jamie - Mom to Bo (almost 4) and Clara and Anna (2) In the blog post I wrote today, you can see that my son has started his Christmas wish list.
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