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What's a delicious meal you can serve to your family when you're trying to lose weight?

Andie Sims

Hi Terri, Something I am doing right now is just making everyone the same healthy meal- open faced burgers with a salad and fresh veggies- then I just eat less than everyone. My hubs and I have tried all the specific diets but found that plain ol calorie deficit works best. We keep track of what eat using Sparkpeople (online and an app) then we avoid going to eat as much as possible because the smallest amount of food is really high cal which means if I went out that day, I hardly get to eat the rest of the day. So instead I snack with kids on fruits and veggies. I have also found that if I eat snacks when they do-I am less hungry for meals and can control my eating better. I even plan to have my 250 calorie Latte each day but the calorie counting did cause me to eliminate the afternoon latte because I was not about to waste 500 cals on a drink each day-I would rather have another half sandwhich or two servings of a salad WITH ranch. It was just easier for me to eat less rather than something different and if the original meal is healthy anyway then it does not matter. Of course, the kids some things that are different like whole milk and whole milk yogurt while I do low-fat. I hope this helps you!
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