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We expected a 9 month old baby girl from Taiwan - what God brought to us was a premature newborn in Florida! Join us as our journey takes an even more unexpected twist into the world of open domestic adoption!

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Why did you decide to adopt?

My husband and I have spent a lot of time talking about how we would grow our family and both realized we wanted to do so through adoption. The simple answer is that we know that there are children in need of parents, and we know we are capable of not just providing for a child, but loving a child with our whole hearts, even if that child is not our own flesh and blood. We also know that God calls all of us to care for orphans and that adoption is seen throughout the Bible. Though it is our choice to adopt, we feel strongly it is Gods calling for us as well.

Once we decided to adopt we then had to decide how. We considered every option and finally chose to pursue an international adoption from Taiwan mainly because of the ministry of His Hands Taiwan. They exist to provide care and support to women in crisis pregnancy and seek first to offer support for the women to raise their child themselves. When this is not possible, they work to facilitate adoption.

What was the biggest challenge or hurdle you faced in the adoption process?

One of the most difficult realities of our decision to grow our family through adoption has been the lack of understanding. Questions about having “our own” child can be incredibly hurtful to this expecting mama! Yes, our daughter will have a distinct first family, and we will forever honor that family through what we hope will be an open adoption. But she is still our daughter.

We have also received questions about why we would choose to miss out on the miracle of pregnancy and child birth. I feel confident that the miracle of adoption is an equally (though very different) miraculous process. That two people join together and are united with a child not their own requires a long series of little miracles that culminates in two people becoming parents, and forever becoming a family.

As the process moves on friends and family have become much more understanding and we are all learning so much. My next hurdle? Learning Mandarin!

When and how did you (or will you) tell your child they were adopted?

Though our little girl won’t have my blue eyes or her dads smile, she will forever have our hearts. Her adoption story is one we hope to weave into our everyday life as a family from the very beginning.

We want her to grow up always knowing that she is much loved by her first family and that she has a vibrant cultural heritage. Because we don’t know how much her first family will be willing to be involved we can only hope and pray for a close relationship. I pray that a picture will hang in her nursery of the three of us with her first mother and that pictures of her first family will fill her scrapbook. Whatever the reality is, we will do our absolute best to ensure she always knows the love her first family has for her, and the richness of the culture she is leaving behind.

She has two distinct families, two distinct cultures, and we hope and pray she takes the best from both as she grows into the amazing person God has planned for her to be.

What's a great present under $30 for an elementary school aged child?

Brooke Annessa

Although I don't have a child of my own yet (we're adopting - so hopefully I will be soon!) I have had the amazing experience of being a nanny for four years. And, as a nanny, I got to see what toys actually got played with and were truly enjoyed by the kiddos! My advice - give them something engaging and incomplete. What I mean is, something that they have to make or put together. The best gift I ever bought for the little girl I nanny for cost me $19.99 at Target - and it was a "make your own story" kit. She worked on it for weeks after her birthday and then ordered the actual book she wrote, complete with illustrations! She loved it and still has it four years later. They also ordered it for her grandparents - it was a really great gift that lasted well beyond the first two minutes of excitement!
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