Tales of a Kitchen Witch


I'm a stay at home, homeschooling momma and henna artist. Kitchen Witchy, mostly crunchy, AP momma to four fantastic children.

Joni Rae is a winner of Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

I've been a"blogger" for years now. When I started I had an online diary. Which didn't seem much different from the paper version I kept in my sock drawer. I always had a diary when I was growing up. I would write in it for a few days, sometimes even for a whole month, and then lose interest. Several months later I’d find it, rip out the older entries and start fresh. Lather, rinse, and repeat. So this all started with me wanting to actually stick to writing for a whole year. A year turned into two, and three, and five, and now it has been over ten years since I began my online writing journey. Along the way I discovered that the process of writing your inner-most thoughts to an anonymous crowd could be therapeutic and a totally freeing experience. Up until then, I had spent my life keeping everything inside. I had no one to talk to, because I thought my feelings wouldn’t matter, the way I looked at the world wasn’t important, and that no one would care. I thought that I had to act a certain way to be “good.” So it was amazing to suddenly have this place where no one knew me and I could say whatever I wanted. I have always love writing. I dream of going to the local book shop and seeing my name splashed across the cover of a book.

How Faith Inspires How I Raise My Children

We teach our children through living. We show them how to honor the Goddess by speaking softly, being kind to living creatures, recycling, composting, and making our carbon footprint smaller. We garden with them and show them the wonder of a plant growing from seed to harvesting for our dinner. We follow the wheel of the year by doing special things on each high day. We plant seeds and paint eggs for Ostara, burn a fire for Beltane, visit the beach for Lammas, peruse farmer’s markets and bake Lugh bread for Lughnasadh, eat a big lovely meal from our garden for Mabon, visit family graves for Samhain, bake cookies and decorate trees and sing songs for Yule, and light candles for Imbolc.