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How long have you been a teacher?

What are three of your favorite books for children? (Please share what age they are best for.)

What can parents do to help when their child doesn't like school?

What's a great gift parents can give teachers?

Colleen Gallagher

I think the best gift is a letter of appreciation from the child or parent. If you feel the need to get a gift, stick to gift cards. A majority of teachers have enough mugs to fill a coffee shop. Another idea is to do a class gift. One parent collects money from all the students and then buys one large American Express Gift Card from the class. If you have a Flip video recorder, go to your child's lunch and create a video Christmas card to give to the teacher. Have each child say Merry Christmas and why they are Thankful for their teacher.
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What's a great theme you've done for your child's birthday? Please share a link with a photo.

Colleen Gallagher

I love a good kids party! I have mostly done boy themed parties. Everything from Star Wars, http://www.teachingheart.net/starwars.htm Thomas, http://www.teachingheart.net/thomastrainideas.html Cars, http://www.teachingheart.net/cars.html Spiderman, and http://teachingheart.net/spiderman.htm Legos. http://teachingheart.net/blog/2010/09/lego-car-race-party-game/ I think my favorite theme was Legos. I had a blast preparing for the party. Lego's primary colors make it even easier to plan. Here is the link to my son's Lego Party. http://teachingheart.net/blog/2010/09/lego-car-race-party-game/ .
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