Beth Blecherman started programming then Sr Mgr, Deloitte. After Sr. Mgmt she took on family mgmt(3boys) &engage in social media to discuss family tech: blog & Twitter @TechMama. She writes for Mashable and is on Forbes Top...

What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

With twin 10 year old boys, I love any app that makes practicing math facts fun. For example, apps such as Math Bingo, Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication and Math Ninja. For my 14 year old son, I am grateful that the Kahn Academy has an app for my son to watch the videos no matter where he is! But we all of my boys use Kindle app for reading digital books and to listen to audiobooks.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

I like to help moms understand not to just go out and buy the coolest tech - buy the tech that fits within the workflow of their day. If you plan out how, why and what you need to use tech for first, then finding the right tech is easier. If you still want cool or stylish - then find tech accessories that fit that bill. You can never have enough stylish phone or laptop cases!

What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

First it was the Microsoft Kinect which added motion to gaming. Then it was the iPad that brought an amazing touch experience to tablets. Now it is Windows 8 PC's/laptops with touchscreens that allows moms and their kids to interact by touch, type or write (stylus).

What helps you stay organized? Whether it's a special coupon binder, calendar app or color-coded closet, we want to know all the little tricks and products that help keep your life organized. Please share a photo if you have one.

Beth Blecherman

The most important thing moms can do to stay organized is take their calendering system online. iCal, Outlook or Google Calender work great for not only putting your calender but also creating calenders for your kids - and then displaying them all in one place. You can even send out event invites to family members - and it will show up on their calender. And when you have tweens/teens - you can help them set up their calender online so they can start to manage it on their own.
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