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A Web 2.0 mom working toward a sustainable lifestyle. 3 kids, an Xtracycle, and more!

Kathleen is a winner of Top 25 Biking Families

What do you like about the biking lifestyle?

I love that exercise fits right into my daily routine! It also helps bring us together as a family. Biking is much more fun than driving, even though we're all together in a car, too, so I think the bonding is increased on bikes.

How often does your family bike versus drive?

The kids and I bike or walk to school and work every day. My husband drives to work, because his workplace is not in a good biking area. We also often use the bike for grocery shopping and to attend neighborhood events.

What’s a good safety tip for biking with children?

Teach them the rules early on -- even if they're riding in a seat on your bike, they can help with turn signals and learn that helmets are a must.