Teenage Mutiny


Stupid antics of Seventeen year old Boy, who has a funny life.

Hamza is a winner of Top 25 Kid Bloggers

What do you blog about?

I blog about my super-interesting-abnormal life. From funny incidents to emotional break downs, I share it all with my readers in my own casual manner. If you asked me to sum it up, I'd say I blog about MYSELF!

What's the coolest thing about your mom?

Everything about my mom is severely cool. She is my life. I feel incomplete without her. If I were to tell the 'coolest' thing about her, it would be her reliability. I can always rely upon her. She has been always there for me, and she still is. I just hope she stays with me till the very end of my life. I love you MOM♥!

If the tables were turned and you could punish your parents, what would they get in trouble for?

I'll punish them for giving me so much love and care. I'll ask them to kiss and hug me 90284903848 times.