Third Grade Tidbits

Tidbits from a third grade teacher, wife, and mom to a two year old.

Gina is a winner of Top 25 Teacher Moms - 2013

What's one of your favorite new books for children?

One favorite? I am not sure I could honestly pick just ONE. Between my 2 year old daughter and my 8/9 year old students I have a wide variety. I think my current favorites for my classroom are the I Survived books. I use them as read alouds and my students really love them and get really into the events and the history. For my 2 year old, she really likes Lift the Flap books and she is really engaged in those.

What advice would you give to a mom who thinks her child has too much homework?

First, check to make sure your child is understanding the homework. As teachers, we don't give homework to make kids sit around for hours a night. We give homework for students to practice current or review skills and so that parents can be actively involved from home. I know I try to only give 10 minutes of homework per grade level, so my third graders get 30 minutes of homework (outside of reading and studying nightly). If you notice that this isn't the problem, and your child really does understand everything, calmly talk to the teacher. It could be work leftover from class that was unfinished, or it could be that the teacher gives more than you would expect. But never go in negative when talking to the teacher. Most teachers understand parents and don't want students to be doing homework for hours. They just might not realize that they are assigning too much.

What's one of your favorite educational activities that can be done outside the classroom?

Reading of course. I LOVE to read. I read for my own enjoyment and I read with my own daughter. EVERYONE can engage in reading outside of the classroom and it can be done for free with a library card.