Three Peas and A Bean

My life as a devoted wife, "momtographer" and stay at home mother to four beautiful children, triplets and a bonus baby born 21 months later.

How do you split your time so that all your children get enough attention?

Do have any tips for handling sibling rivalry?

Moms of multiples are often experts at multitasking. Have you discovered a shortcut or trick that all moms could use?

What's a great matching Halloween costume idea for two or more children? Please include a link to a photo if you have one.


Goodness, with (GGB) triplets and one younger (B) we have sported a few "themed" costumes. We have been 2 ladybugs, a bumble bee, and a flower. We have been our own little zoo... (literally)... A Bear, Lion, Panda, and Monkey. But my favorite was the Wizard of OZ theme!!! We were quite the show...
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