Through a Glass

postings of photographs…the things I see…here and there…now and then…holding onto the beautiful seconds of life

Alisa is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms

When Photography Became an Important Part of My Life

I always loved looking at photo albums as a child. I would sit for hours looking through family photos and I always loved when I visited someone's home and their photo albums were on the coffee table for public consumption. As I got older, I started taking photographs and eventually decided it was a hobby I enjoyed. I became hooked after a trip to Europe when I developed my film and discovered that, without trying, I had taken some fabulous photographs.

What Makes a Great Family Photo

If everyone is having a good time, the individual personalities will come out in the picture. Being relaxed and candid is the best atmosphere to create a memory in the photograph.

A Tip for Taking Photos of Kids

Take many shots. Many. Kids move a lot and they change expressions faster than they blink. I have found that taking about six shots will give me one really great photo that captures the personality and if I am lucky, I may end up with a string of good shots that document the moment(s).