Toulouse is a winner of Top 25 Funny Moms - 2013

What's the funniest thing your child has ever done or said?

The little one's only funny nonverbally at this point but the oldest one comes loaded with material. A few weeks ago, we were out kicking the ball around in the back yard. I asked him, "Do you wanna play dodge ball?" To which he enthusiastically yelled, "YES!" and then dropped to all fours and barked. Yeah, it took me a second too.

What always makes you laugh?

My husband and kids make me laugh every single day and hopefully they make you laugh too. Just realize when you're enjoying all the ridiculous stuff I write about my family on my blog, that I may need you to pay me back one day by giving me a place to live. There are repercussions to a tag line like, "Making my Kids Hate Me One Post at a Time."

What's the funniest gift you've ever received?

Just this past weekend, I got the BEST gift I've ever received although some people seem to find it funny (funny weird, not funny haha). Only other mom understand so completely, they usually come close to tears when they hear. My husband voluntarily took both of my kids to his parents house for the weekend and let me have the whole house all to myself. FOR 3 DAYS. Listen up, husbands and dads. This is the best gift ever invented. Ever. Everevereverever.