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Tripping Mom

Tripping Mom is about inspiring parents to make their life a practical example of living passionately to their children. I´m a surfer-single mom of a 4-year old.

Between raising your children, working, and managing your home, how do you carve out time for yourself?

What's your favorite thing to do with your children on the weekends or other free time?

What responsibilities or chores do your children have to help you around the house? (Please share the age of your children if you feel comfortable doing so.)

What special skills do single moms have that new moms would benefit from knowing?

Marilia Di Cesare

Making new friends and building a growing support system is a special skill anyone can benefit from. I learned to overcome my shyness and ask for other mom´s phone numbers and make the first move to makes us meet again. This way, I find new friends for both me and my child. I also learned that offering myself to help first is key in receiving help. Whenever I can, I offer myself to babysit for others and end up with a ¨credit¨ of assistance for later.
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What is your best tip for not losing your temper with children?

Marilia Di Cesare

Think: ¨What´s the best way to deal with this?¨. The answer: ¨not loosing it¨ is the first that should cross your mind. Then, you probably need a moment or more to think about what to do. Only do something you thought about. That´s responding instead of reacting.
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