Une Americaine


She loves to sew to the beat of two kicking babies inside of her belly...

What inspired you to start blogging?

How do you keep up with the latest fashions and being a mom?

What are three fashion tips for busy moms?

What is one practical and fashionable item every mom must have? Please include a link to a photo if you have one.

Cate Sullivan

A morning spent in bed with hot coffee and a hubby. I cannot just choose one material possession as the all-important mom must-have; I read other answers thinking, "Sunglasses, absolutely. The perfect bag, no doubt about that one. A lasting pair of awesome boots, of course!" Then I thought of my own tried and true essentials that kept my mom-ness in my woman-ness, and red lipstick and good lingerie both jumped into my mind (and cobalt blue flats, glitter, a breast-feeding book - these are all fashionable, right?). But seriously, if I had to choose ONE, it would be those precious couple of early morning hours when the babies are still sleeping and my husband and I can be just us. No one else but us. What better way is there to refresh your spirit than to bask in love? Your flushed cheeks and sparkly eyes are the perfect fashion, and keeping your relationship fiery is, I think, pretty practical. Red lipstick and good lingerie are optional. Oh, and the hot coffee is brought to you by your darling man, so it doesn't count as a second; they come as one.
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