The Unique Life of Mr.B

I blog about the JOY (struggles) of raising three boys, two of with special needs. The focus is mostly on my third (medically fragile) son but it also takes a close look at finding balance in Motherhood and the drive to stay positive

Lia is a winner of Top 25 Family Blogs by Moms - 2013

What's your favorite family tradition?

It's funny because we've not set many 'new' traditions in our house. We really just roll with the punches for the most part here!

If I had to name one though it would be on Christmas Eve when the boys get to open their Christmas jammies (generally fleecy and soft) and we all snuggle in for story time before bed.

What's the most challenging thing about being both a blogger and a mom?

T-I-M-E...there is never enough time. The reason that I write my blog (and the reason that I started writing the blog) is for therapy for myself. I started the blog so that I could start to process the gravity of the situation we were in with my son being critically ill (and my own health being in danger at the same time).

The other reason for the start of the blog was to keep friends and family 'in the loop' of what was happening. I had no desire to talk to anyone at the end of a 15 hour day in the NICU with my son. No desire to repeat our story over and over. No desire to have to take away any T-I-M-E from my little family to 'chat' on the phone.

When my youngest son is in hospital I have time to blog when he is sleeping (as I'm there anyhow) but when he's home all bets are off to how often I get around to doing a post (generally once a week).

Time is always precious when you have children but when 2/3rds of your children have special needs, therapies, etc. then T-I-M-E is really at a premium. I find that the best time for me to write is late at night when the house is quiet and I'm finally alone with my thoughts.

I continue to write the blog for therapy and for myself. The fact that others are taking T-I-M-E out of their own lives to read and follow our story is humbling and wonderful!

What's the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

The most rewarding thing to me about becoming a parent are the life lessons that my children have taught me. You hear over and over when you are growing up that time is precious, life is fleeting and that we need to enjoy each moment. It wasn't until I had my children that I really 'got' that lesson.

Because of my children (especially having a medically fragile son), we live our lives day to day and in our dark times we live minute to minute. We don't really make any long term plans for the future because 1) we never know if we'll be able to keep them and 2) we live in the moment, enjoying every day.

I have also learned patience and forgiveness on a whole new level with having my children. My youngest son has been through more torture and overcome more obstacles in his 2 short years then most people do in a lifetime. He has taught me the value of positivity (he always smiles and laughs) and the ability to still move forward even on days when I'd like to curl up in a ball in my bed.

I love being a Mom (oh and you'd better believe that there are days when I want to hang them all up by their toes), and I've been blessed with not only having three boys but with the fortune of having a spectrum of children with needs.

Life is always about 'lessons' but it's only when we are ready for them that we might be able and willing to learn them.