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Upside Down Homeschooling

A blog about all things faith, family and homeschooling. Filled with encouragement, practical tips, advice, reviews of great homeschool products, all mixed together with a healthy {and humorous} dose of reality.

Heather is a winner of Top 25 Homeschooling Moms - 2013

Do you have any tips for helping kids concentrate on their studies?

Know your child. Do they need absolute quiet? If so, provide that for them. Do they need background noise? If so, allow them to have it. It is so important to remember that every child is unique. We have to know them individually and make sure we are doing all we can do for them.

What's an educational game or activity you and your kids love?

My daughters love their Nabi 2's. This fully functional Android tablet was designed specifically for kids and we have found the coolest educational games/apps via the Amazon App Store.

How do you encourage a love of reading in your kids?

Both my husband and I love to read. So we were greatly surprised when our first daughter didn't share in our passion for reading. We didn't push or pressure her. We allowed her to choose books that suited her interests and gradually she grew to love reading too. If we would've made a big deal out of her claiming to dislike reading and forced her to "do it anyway", she never would've developed her own personal desire to read.