The Vegan Mom

I'm a Vegan mom of 2 amazing kids! I offer insight & inspiration for raising a Vegan family. Stop by my blog for support, advice, recipes, product reviews & more.

Lisa is a winner of Top 25 Vegan & Vegetarian Moms - 2013

What's your favorite vegan or vegetarian friendly product?

I have become quite obsessed with "Nate's Meatless" meatballs. They are insanely delicious!!

What's the biggest misconception people have about being a vegan or vegetarian?

That we don't get enough PROTEIN!! Ahhh, this one drives me crazy! I can assure you that lentils, hummus, tofu, tempeh, almonds, quinoa, peanut butter & veggies offer my family more than enough protein!

What's your best tip for families who want to start living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle?

Just do it. Don't be afraid. Vegan living is the healthiest, happiest, most freeing way to live. Why waste one more minute not living this way? Also, stop by my blog of course!