A slice-of-life blog where Kristin shares her thoughts on love, loss, traveling and motherhood. Kristin's blog exploded in growth when she began sharing her own experiences with domestic violence and now advocates for women/children facing violence.

Kristin is a winner of Top 25 Most Inspiring Families

What inspired you to start blogging?

Writing for me is like oxygen. I can't not write. I'm too impatient to write an essay and send it out for publication and wait three months to see if someone accepts it. I want to write and publish immediately. Over and over and over. Also, I like the sense of community and connection that comes with blogging.

What are three distinctive features of your blog?

1. Right now I'm writing about my experiences with domestic violence and child exploitation, and dealing with the justice system. I'm not writing about things that happened in the distant past, but about events that are happening in my life right now and what I'm doing to try to protect my family. It's frightening and emotional and highly charged. I have a large community of cyber-friends who have supported me through this journey and offered a lifeline in what has proven to be the most difficult passage of my life.
2. My blog started off as mostly humor and then when I was assaulted, the tenor switched dramatically. Right now there is a mix of serious writing and a smattering of humor.
3. Even though my blog is located in the U.S., about 65% of my audience is Australian. I am more than a bit in love with Australia.

How has blogging changed your journey as a family?

I am fairly isolated her in Kansas. Isolation, in fact, is a common aspect of domestic violence. When I made the decision to write about my experience, the support that poured in from around the globe was just amazing. So much love, so much concern, so much compassion. A large percentage of my readers are in Australia and the Aussie Mummy Bloggers got together and started a movement to bring me and my children to Australia for the first ever mummy blogging conference. They raised about $1,700 and then one woman wrote about it on her blog and a PR agent read it and the next day I had a corporate sponsor to kick in the rest. It was nothing short of amazing. This community just wrapped me up in their arms and gave me this huge group hug. And this support did sustain me, and it continues to sustain me, as I’m still in the thick of it. I’ve made hard and fast friendships through blogging. Using your voice, speaking your truth, connecting with others in an authentic way -- it is immensely healing.

What is your favorite holiday family tradition and how did you start it?

Kristin Brumm

I love holiday traditions, from roasting pumpkin seeds after carving Halloween pumpkins to making cookies for Santa. But one of my favorite rituals is the reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve. I had my kids a bit late in life and there were years when I wondered if I would ever be blessed with children. During those wishful years, I bought of copy of Samuel Clement's classic book with gorgeous illustrations. I tucked it away for "someday" when I had my own kids. Now, when I pull it out each year, I am doubly grateful -- for the gift of my two lovely kids and the magic of Christmas as seen through their eyes.
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