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Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

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Kris is a winner of Top 25 Homeschooling Moms - 2013

Do you have any tips for helping kids concentrate on their studies?

Aside from standing over them saying, "Do your work. Pay attention. Do your work."? Not really. {grin}

As my kids get older, I start moving them toward more independent learning. One thing that has helped a couple of them is a daily checklist. They seem to be able to focus more when they know what needs to be accomplished each day and when they are responsible for checking it off. Usually.

What's an educational game or activity you and your kids love?

As a family, we love playing Aggravation and Guesstures, but I'm not sure either qualifies as educational. The girls and I love birdwatching. The boy? Well, if there is some educational value in video games, he's set.

How do you encourage a love of reading in your kids?

We read together daily. Even though my kids are older, I still read aloud to them each day. Additionally, now that they are all reading independently, we have a daily silent reading time after lunch. We each (me included!) pick out whatever we want to read, find a comfy spot, and read until the timer goes off.