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What do you think are the greatest advantages of homeschooling?

What advice would you give to a mom who is considering homeschooling her child?

What's one homeschooling challenge you've faced, and what solutions did you find?

What are the best ways to keep kids entertained & well-behaved at a formal event or luncheon such as wedding?

Melinda Weiser

I think the best way to keep younger kids quiet at a formal event is to give them something quiet to do. We love using busy bags. These bags are filled with quiet activities that keep a child's attention and they are able to do independantly and quietly. We include activities such as puzzles, coloring pages, magnetic scenes, learning activities such as sorting and counting, reading books, or picture books, flash cards, dress up dolls, drawing, felt story pieces, and I love using plastic animals or themes from the Safari Toobs that can be played with quietly.
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How do you store your child's toys? Please include a link to a photo if you have one.

Melinda Weiser

We store toys in bins on shelves in a walk in closet dedicated to just toys. We call it the toy closet. It is easy to get in and out to access the toys and it can hold a lot. With 6 kids in the house, we have a lot of toys.
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