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Lori is a winner of Top 25 Tech Moms - 2013

What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

I have two of them. First is Where's My Water, a game about Swampy, a cute alligator who lives in the sewers. He likes to take showers but the water is trapped and you have to find various ways to direct the water to fill his shower. This free app from Disney has many levels and helps your children think about strategy and consequences.

My second kid-friendly app is a suite of math educational apps. It's called Splash Math and there are different apps available for different grades. Each grade level Splash Math costs $9.99 but it provides a fun way to learn math. Splash Math covers an entire grade level's math curriculum in a fan manner, without the need for workbooks, offering rewards along the way. My son loves math and is good at it, so I got him the 3rd grade level math program and he is learning so much. He will be well prepared by the time he reaches 3rd grade.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

Read the of course! You'll be exposed to all sorts of technology you may have never known existed.

But most importantly, think about what your interests are. Is it scrapbooking? Writing? Reading? Cooking? Pilates? Nearly every interest is now associated to either an Internet site (or many!), a software program, or at the very least an app. Explore your interest using technology and you'll learn about both your interest and technology at the same time.

Technology is an amazing element to learning, with pictures, videos, and links to other resources readily available. You will then be able to transfer your technology savviness from your hobbies to other projects you're working on, say your kids' reports, your business, or even helping with the PTA.

Lastly, your kids can be your best teachers. Expose them to technology, don't be afraid of it. Let them teach you the basics and then play with your child's favorite gadgets when they are at school or asleep. There are so many ways you can engage with your kids using technology in playing games, leaving messages for each other, enjoying music together, and more. Don't miss out.

What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

My children have seen and played with many gadgets out there. They've enjoyed the Nintendo 3DS, Wii, XBox, Playstation, listening to their iPods, and more. But the one device that has captivated them the most through the years, is the iPad.

The iPad is like a whole world of fascination for them to discover. They love playing their games (both fun and educational), watching movies on Netflix, listening to tunes, learning from the Bible, and checking the weather.

The iPad has revolutionized play and how kids can communicate, collaborate, and compete against one another. With house rules about when, what, and where the iPad can be used, the iPad could be the biggest learning tool you have in helping your children prepare for their future.

What's a great source to buy formal clothing for children?

Lori Cunningham

Typically, formal clothing isn't used for many occasions. I once purchased an adorable used tuxedo for my four year old son from a tuxedo rental store for an awesome price. Also, since I don't live too far away from downtown LA, they have a clothing mart which is great for formal wear.
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What's your family's favorite board game, and why? (Please mention the best ages for the game)

Lori Cunningham

Sorry, my kids (ages 6,9) love it. We are also just getting them into Scrabble and they are much more interested than I would have thought.
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Can you recommend a great toy that costs less than $10? Please share a link to a photo.

Lori Cunningham

The SKY BALL is a simple looking ball, but when thrown hard enough on the ground, it can soar up to 75 ft. in the air! My kids and I have had a lot of fun seeing who can send it highest in the air. For only $8.99, it's a great "ball" of fun.
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