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Nancy is a winner of Top 25 Canadian Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in Canada?

I think the best part of raising a family in Canada is the everyday exposure to diversity. Besides the obvious, which is the natural beauty and rich resources of Canada, the melting pot of cultures is something that I value. Being a family with mixed ethnicity, we are very proud to be Canadian. We also have a Canadian kindness, great health care, hockey and poutine!

What's the biggest misconception people have about raising a family in Canada?

That it's always snowing, we live in igloos and that we have polar bears in our back yard and say "Eh" a lot. Okay, the last one is true. Hehe. But, the biggest misconception is that Canada really isn't much different than the US and the family dynamic doesn't change.

What do your kids love most about living in Canada?

They love playing in the snow, going tubing, drinking hot chocolate after tobogganing and skating. The changing, fiery and vibrant leaves that paint our horizons every Autumn, the fragrant buds that adorn the trees and tulips that rise every Spring and the immense heat that allows for swimming and sprinkler fun in the summer. Not to mention, they love going to hockey games, visiting Toronto and taking in big city life and exploring our beautiful country. I'd be lying if I said that they also didn't love Justin Bieber. What I love for them, is their freedom, the ability to have great health care and a chance at a great education and extra-curricular activities.