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You're not alone. Here's a safe place, a growing place, a way out of the shadows of grief . . . This blog provides resources and Biblical direction for helping you trust Jesus through one of life's most difficult challenges.I maintain this blog...

Ferree is a winner of Top 25 Moms with Inspiring Families - 2012

How does blogging help you deal with challenges?

I started blogging to help women who are widows deal with their challenges. When I was widowed in 2000, I didn't know about blogging, but I sure wish I had. Although I blog to help others, I find that my fantastic readers help me through many of my own challenges! For example, I'm remarried now, and my husband's employer announced three weeks ago that 300+ employees will lose their jobs in the next two months. We will have to move, but because of the friends I've made on Widows Christian Place, I can go just about anywhere here in the US and find I'll have friends there already!
Plus, I'm so inspired by my readers, their strong faith, and how every once in a while something so cool happens we know God speaks and God's hand is leading us. A lot of times readers tell me what they found on the blog was "just what they needed to hear" that day. When a widow feels alone and abandoned, she can come to Widows Christian Place and find out I'm there for her. I don't always comment on every comment, but I absolutely do reply to every personal e-mail. We talk about everything from eternal life, to doubting God, to wondering what's "normal." And of course, how will a widow get through this painful time.

What's a book or song that has inspired you?

When I was widowed I had a great church, and great family, but the only thing that really helped me was the Bible, especially the book of Ruth in the Bible because that's the story of three widows. As I read it, and re-read it many times, it was like these three ancient women became very real to me. Learning all they went through gave me the courage and endurance to never give up on following God one step at a time.

After a particularly rough day, how do you raise your spirits?

I've learned that rest---the fine art of doing nothing---is what helps me. I know that's very counter-culture, moms are always go go go. But we need these margins---this blank space---in life. I lay down for 20-30 minutes of quietness or gentle music, or I'll take a walk or drive in the country. Sometimes I pray, but often I simply listen to the breeze rustling through the trees, birds chirping on the wires, the sound of my own heart and breathing, or the absolute stillness of a starry night. The quiet rejuvenates me. When the house was full of kids, getting them to bed early and myself to a nice warm bubble bath provided that margin I needed. After that, my spirits are raised by reading what God says in the Bible and sharing that with others. It's really encouraging to know that God is actively involved in our lives and He hasn't forgotten us or left us to our own devices.