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Australian Holistic Stay-@-Home Mummy getting about town in Williamsburg Brooklyn in New York City during the week, & Rhinebeck Upstate NY on the weekends!
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Libby is a winner of Top 25 New York Moms - 2013

What do your kids love most about living in New York?

There is so much to love about New York, where do I even start? The restaurants, the diverse range of cultures living together as one, the parks, the museums, schools, BROOKLYN and the wonderful people who live here.... oh and snowy Christmas's in New York City are our favorite (such a magical time for Little Ones).
There is something for every child in New York City, it is a wild and crazy place but also a place where a young mind can flourish! One in a Million for sure.

What's a great destination for a family vacation in New York?

New York State is choc-o-block of things to do with your family. We obviously have what us locals call "The Capital of the World" being New York City where you can visit the awe inspiring Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Time Square and the Empire State Building.
However, travel North along the famous and beautiful Hudson River a few hours, and you are suddenly engulfed by immense natural beauty.
New York State is truly an unbelievable area with a history starting 400 years ago - from sky scrapers to snowy mountains, to mass transit to hot air ballooning, to museums to farms; we have it all.
My suggested perfect family vacation for New York is a ROAD TRIP! Take a few days in the city, do the typical sites but also walk a lot... just walk. We have a saying in NYC and that is "You Can Live in this City for years and still turn the corner and see something you have never seen before". NYC is constantly evolving and changing color.
Keep driving, Head up North and you revisit with the past that is not forgotten. Head to the mansions of the former Aristocracy Roosevelt, Astor and Mills families in the area of Dutchess County where I spend my weekends with my family.
If this is not your cup of tea, then try snow-shoeing, skiing, building a snowman, horse-riding, enjoy the wonderful restaurants, parks & playgrounds, visit an art gallery, swim in a natural watering hole, visit a local farm for fresh produce, or just sit outdoors taking in the sounds of nature.
I miss Australia so much, but I am very grateful to be living in such a diverse part of the globe. It is a great contrast between city and country living and such beauty all around!

What's your favorite affordable outdoor activity to do with your kids?

In New York City, both my and my Son's favorite affordable activity is to head to the Brooklyn Zoo and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens which are directly across the Street from one another.
Being a 5 mile walk from our apartment, on a nice day we will walk there so I can exercise, this probably seems crazy to some but it is quite lovely to do so. Something that not a lot of people know is that New Yorkers walk everywhere!
For me, bringing my Son up as a vegetarian and being such a lover of nature and animals this is a perfect escape to be surrounded by nature bang smack in the middle of a bustling city. It gives me the opportunity to show him the beauty of nature and how to respect and protect it.
The Zoo is quite small but very quaint making it easy to get around with a pram. We LOVE the Sea Lions the best, but the little Toucan bird is cute too. There are also kangaroos here which are natives of my home country Australia - Added Bonus.
The Zoo is based in the famous Prospect Park and by the Prospect Park Zoo smaller entrance there stands the beautiful 100+ year old merry-go-round to take a ride on. My Son loves this regular part of our visits, but secretly I like it more.
Across the Street is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens which has a gorgeous Children's garden and a beautiful outdoor restaurant which has an amazing kale salad.
You can easily spend a whole day between the two places - weather permitting - and you can never visit enough times!