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Kristin is a winner of Top 25 Home Management Moms - 2013

What's your best tip for keeping your home organized during the busy holiday season?

Try to do a few little things each day. I work full time and have a full time blog and I'm a full time mommy. I need to stay on top of things like dishes and laundry. If I can keep those things at bay, I feel pretty good about my house. Each night, and especially during the holidays, I take care of any dishes, keep things off the counter tops and sweep the floor. I also throw a load of laundry in and fold a clean load. I find that if I make sure to do these things each day, it motivates me to do even more.

What's your favorite store bought or homemade cleaning product?

Meyer's products are my favorite - you can find them at Target. The lemon scent is so delicious and makes cleaning a lot more enjoyable! (it's safe too, for my kids to use!)

What's the most important home management skill a mom can teach her child?

Pick up after yourself. If you clean up after yourself, others will follow - you're setting an example to the rest of your family. It's better to be the example than to be yelling at everyone about cleaning up all the time.