Your Mom Goes to College

A 20something mother who started her journey as a teen mom and is trying to balance single parenthood, college life, and finding the man of her dreams.

Emily is a winner of Top 25 Single Moms - 2013

What's the biggest misconception people have about single parenting?

Many people have the misconception that I must be a single mother because the father "left us". It seems a really odd concept to people that the mother could choose to walk away from the unhealthy relationship. Even further, people are really judgmental about the fact that I did end the relationship with my son's father. But I know that what I did was best for my son and I, and that is all that matters!

What's the most rewarding thing about being a single parent?

Since my son is stuck with me 85+ percent of the time, his personality has been tremendously influenced by me. It is so rewarding to look at my little guy and see so much of myself. Some of the things he has picked up are his sense of humor and randomly saying things like "I LOVE YOU" or "YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND" for no reason.

What's the most important thing being a single parent has taught you?

Being a single parent has really taught me so much about myself. I have been able to grow into a strong, independent woman who can take on the world. Doing everything alone for nearly fours years has given me an entirely different outlook on life and allowed me to become a person my son can be proud of.