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What's the biggest way that technology has made your life as a mom easier?

Love the way the internet, smartphones and tablets have made life easier, especially for finding info about anything within seconds.

What's your favorite app for moms?

Fave new app ... just for FUN ... is "RoJo WORD", a hot new word game app for iPhone & iPad. Apparently it is coming out for Android next year. Love to play both Solo and with friends ... and it's a quick and addicting 60 second challenge!

What's the coolest gadget you've seen that could help moms?

Hmmm ... lots to choose from ... will get back to this.

What's a great easy-to-make DIY toy? We're looking for toys parents and kids can make together and that kids love to play with. Please share a link to an image we can use if you have one.


On ZiggityZoom.com we love creating DIY projects, especially for kids. This easy-to-make Puppet Theatre is made from a recycled cracker box and some heavy weight paper. Parents can help make the project while the kids can draw their own "dancing" puppets ... ours features and Elephant, a Horse, a Pig and a Cat. You can find the entire tutorial on ZiggityZoom.
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What are some fun activities to put on a summer "bucket list" for your kids? Please link to a picture if you have one.


Summer is our favorite family time of the year and we love finding new Outdoor games, fun foods, crafts and family activities. Our all time favorites include this outdoor game of Bucket Ball, Duct Tape Crafts and making a backyard Tent or TeePee structure.
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