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Is your Daughter a Daddy's Girl?

My daughter is such a daddy's girl! sometimes i get upset because she really doesnt want anything to do with me when her Daddy's in the room with us...I have been told its bc...

Started by Danielle on 01/17/2010 in Blonde Moms

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Blonde jokes

What do you call three blondes standing ear-to-ear? Do you think blonde jokes are offensive? What's your opinion?

Started by Isobel on 01/23/2010 in Blonde Moms

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Am I the ONLY one who's offended by "Blonde" jokes?

I am a natural blond...just darker than the color on the AND...I am proud that I am. But...sometimes when I hear one of these jokes...I do get offended. Oh, I have...

Started by Clare on 02/02/2010 in Blonde Moms

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Hi! I have been coloring my hair at home now to save money. I have a very hard time when I dye my hair just on the new growth. I can't get it on just that section without it...

Started by Tina on 01/10/2010 in Blonde Moms

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getting emotional

hello ladies, ever since i had my now 6m old daughter i have been really emotional lately. for example, i always cry over dumb things that i wouldnt cry over. i was watchinh my...

Started by Nicole on 02/22/2012 in Blonde Moms

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Anyone got any cute short haircut ideas?

My hair right now is to my shoulders. I want a short haircut but i need some ideas. Suggestions please, something cute sexy and fun.

Started by Rhonda on 01/23/2012 in Blonde Moms

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wedding on a TIGHT budget?

i'm planning a wedding in aug of this year. my parents and his are both giving us $1000 to help pay for it but i want to leave as little as possible for us to be responsible...

Started by Codie on 01/19/2011 in Blonde Moms

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Why are you making your baby grow up so fast?

I have been reading alot of questions from first time mothers that are trying to make their babies growup too fast... Why are they trying to ween a baby off the dummy at 5...

Started by Susanna on 01/28/2010 in Blonde Moms

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OK so i have an 8 month old son and my stretch marks are still bad what are the best ways to get them to fade to the point were i cant see them or anyone else for that matter??

Started by Samantha on 10/14/2010 in Blonde Moms

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Two men that are worthless

Im doing a paternity test to see whos the father of my child, and both men are worthless. The only reason im doing this is for child support and to see if the guy really cares...

Started by Ashlee on 01/09/2010 in Blonde Moms

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weaning off the dummy

Im trying to wean the dummy off my 5 month old little girl. She only has it when she's in bed or unsettled out in public..... any ideas???

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Started by Michelle on 01/28/2010 in Blonde Moms

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weight loss or xtra energy....

I would like 2 talk 2 any1 interesting in losing weight or any1 who mneeds an xtra energy boost...If u want 2 look better naked guaranteed in 24 me 740-974-2136

Started by Stacy on 01/25/2010 in Blonde Moms

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