What is the normal recovery time after giving natural birth?


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Bianca - posted on 06/13/2010




depends what you mean by recovery.. mentally im accepting how my body has changed since my sons birth 3months ago and its taken till now to feel "normal" although i still have afew kg's to drop be4 ill be back at my pre pregnancy weight.. physically i felt i had fully healed after about 2weeks- although i had no stitches or tear's so i guess it just depends on the individual and how you feel after giving birth

Lindsey - posted on 04/27/2010




it took me about 3 weeks to feel better from the birth. they had to cut me open down there because i had to hold him on for 45 minutes waiting for the dr, and by then my son wasnt eager to get out. before the pregnancy i was 105, then i was down to 90 because of morning sickness. and at the end i was 150! lol. now after 4 1/2 months, i am about 130. i lost all of the weight right away, but never got rid of the baby tummy! :( i am breastfeeding, so i like to keep on the extra weight because it somehow makes me feel like if i am fat, then the baby will be healthy fat, lol. i didnt get a period until the past few weeks, but then got on birth control. for some reason i didnt want to get it right away, but now i have a period that wont go away! if you havent had your baby yet, i wish you the best of luck. i had taken fentanol for pain, and didnt scream once. the poor girl in the room nrxt to me was screaming her head off, but she was having a c-section, so that is understandable. it is a beautiful experience!!!

Barbora Milena - posted on 03/31/2010




mine was pretty fast, i had stitches, that hurt like 2-3days n my belly went back into its place within 10days... n the post-partum bleedin was 3wks n then after 6wks from birth period...thats it... have to mention im fully bfeedin, as the hormones produced while bfeedin are said to help n fast up the recovery...

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