born in febuary 2005

this is the place for February 2005 babies. need help or advice we r glad to help


still wetting the bed at 5, please help!!

my son is 5 an he still wets the bed at night. He used to never do it, then we moved around a lot due to losing our job an that's when he started doing it again. We tried...


4yr old girl with an attitude...

please tell me i am not the only one with a girl who has the attitude of an 18 year old ...... there angels but oh my gees are they a


Nightmares or crying at night?

My 4 yr old has been waking up lately once a night /few times a week crying hysterically. He can never tell us what is wrong. I can't really tell if he is awake or aware....


New to group & my baby turned 5 today :(

My name is Christina and my son Austin turned 5 years old today. I don't know where all the time went or how he grew up so fast. 5 years ago today, I was laying in a hospital...


Where did my baby go?

My son is 4 going on 44 and I feel at a lost sometimes. I mean he gets up in the morning makes his bed puts on his own clothes then comes to get me so he can have breakfast. He...



welcome to the born in feb 2005 group. sorry i havent gotten to u all sooner. i just wanted to welcome u all and hope this group is helpfull


Potty training help?!

Micah is a bit delayed in all areas so I wasn't pushing potty training (plus my daughter was really late). He is completely uninterested. Refuses to sit on the potty. Will...


to grown up

my daughter talks and does things like i do and i think she is growing up to fast how do i slow this down, when all she says is i want to do grown up things.


Horriable 3's????

My son was born right in time for my daughters terriable 2's and potty training, so everything was so hetic that she kind of just skipped over it. Now that she is almost 4...I...


He is officially potty trained!!

I am so glad that my son, Caleb, finally relented and started to use the potty! He just fought and fought not to do it for such a long time! We started to train about a year and...