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Jaime - posted on 06/21/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




To all members of my community formerly "Bottle-Feeding Moms", I've decided to reinvent us and open the discussion up to include more topics. I started this community back in 2009 and although we have plenty of members, there's not much activity going on. Feel free to start a conversation or share some ideas about what might grab everyone's interest.

A bit about me;

My name is Jaime-Leigh and I'm a single mom to my son, Gray. Since becoming a mom in 2009, it's been a true journey to figure it all out and find the balance that makes even the most trying moments manageable. I started this community in support of moms that choose to bottle-feed, because I felt a lot of pressure from my own struggles with breast feeding and a strong sense of failure when I initially made the switch from breast to bottle. Fast forward 2 years and I realize that in creating a community in support of one method, I'm helping to widen the gap in the controversial subject of breast vs. bottle. What I hope to accomplish out of this community reinvention is to give everyone a chance to speak their mind, share ideas and information about any and every parenting struggle or success. I don't expect to change anyone's mind, but I do hope you will keep an open mind to the contents of this forum :)

Thanks and hope to see you around the threads!


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Kellie - posted on 09/02/2011




I feel there is nothing different to breast V's bottle,yes,the initial first few feeds may be different to that of formula,but the formula they have on the shelves these days is about as close to breast milk that they can get.I have 3 boys,Jordan,16,Jack 15mths and my newborn Jonathan,1 n a half weeks,all 3 of them have been/are on formula,and not once have I had a sickie child,or suffered and ill effects form formula.
There is no difference I see in the feeding of your child either,we hold our babies the same way a mother that breast feeds does,we caress our babies like that of a breast feeding mother and we communicate with our babies the same way a breast feeding mother would!
So I say 'CHEERS' to all those bottle feeding Mums out there.Bottle line,at the end of the day,its our baby and our choice how we feed them :-)

Jaime - posted on 06/27/2011




Hi Janielle and Chantelle...happy to have you both in the community. I agree that there is nothing wrong with either method of feeding. I support breast and bottle equally :)

Chantelle - posted on 06/27/2011




I chose to bottle feed my first son who was born in 2009 after many failed attempts at breast feeding he is now k healthy bubbly 20 month old i now have a two week old who i was planning on bottle feeding but ended up breast feeding as he just took to it like a duck to water i see nothing wrong with either it's a personal choice and also the baby's choice some take to breast feeding and others don't and thank you for delivering such support to a young confused mummy just need (I'm only 20 i had my first son at 18)

Janielle - posted on 06/23/2011




thanks for the invite! at this time, Dominic is bottle broke, onto sippy cups, cups, n sports bottles! ive been so happy to not have to mess with formula and bottles! :) i totally support whetever method you need to use to get food in your baby! i tried breast feeding, when he didnt latch, i resorted to pumping, using bottles, and trying to get him to use breast also, he never took, when i dried up, i finally went to formula! he was not impressed at first, but adjusted quickly, and was much less frustrating for both of us!

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