Breast Feeding Complications or Difficulties

I have started this group because in my searches on here there is not a specific group for women who WANT to breast feed and have had complications with it. I apologize for having to make elementary school type rules, but it seems no matter what group it is there is so much debate and hurtful things said, thus the guidlines below. This is a place for women to ask questions, get feed back and support. NOT for bashing OF ANY SORT! If you dont agree with something said please phrase it kindly such as just from my experience, NOT well your wrong or thats stupid, or get a grip. If you have already stated an opinion leave it at that, don't go back to ARGUE your point. On the same hand if you don't like what someone said, JUST IGNORE IT, don't ARGUE with the person who wrote it. Having said that, STAY ON TOPIC! If you follow the guidlines set above there shouldn't be a problem with this. One thing I do sometimes to keep myself from getting ruffled feathers, is to just read what the topic starter wrote and respond, and NOT read the other responses. I go by the golden rule, if you can't say anything nice (or supportive) then DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!