formula but for how long? (first time mum)

Nicky - posted on 01/13/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 8mth old has weaned herself off breastfeeding, so i am using formula now, even though i wanted to BF for at least a year
i would like to stop using formula when she is a year old, but i am not very fond of cows milk and wondering if there are any alternatives out there that people have used for just personal choice rather than allergies/intolerance etc??
i can see myself using cows milk but would like to know what other people have done for personal choice? it would be good to know if anyone has given rice or soy milk and why


Melissa - posted on 08/07/2011




Cows milk isn't recommended until 12 months, as far as I know. We had to formula feed (long story, but basically I was unable to produce) and we did so for the first year. Within the first year we began introducing actual food, and that increased while the formula decreased, and once he turned a year we stopped formula. We'd began weening him off the bottle and onto a sippy since he was about 7 months, so once he turned a year we removed all bottles and gave him milk or water in sippies. If you go to cows milk pediatricians say they need whole fats until they're 2, but we alternate between whole milk and Silk Vanilla flavor (soy milk). It's worked well for us. The reason we alternated was simply because cow's milk as sold in stores has hormones in it, and I didn't want to just be loading him with hormones constantly.

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