Why my daughter does not like the bottle?

Shelley - posted on 09/02/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Rebeccah is 3 months old and I introduced her to the bottle immediately when I got home from hospital like I did with my sons aged 11 and 6 now. The boys were easy, they took to it easily and I could breastfeed or bottlefeed with them no problem. They drank formula cold.

I've used Avent, Tommee Tippee and Nuk bottles, thinking it's the teats. She was first on Nan and I am now trying S26 Gold, maybe it's the taste of the milk. I also express my breastmilk but I get so disappointed when she doesn't drink and see it as a waste as it also takes a lot of time, I have a manual breast pump, maybe I should not be trying to express so much in the bottle?

I noticed it is the temperature that she wants, she likes it warm, not lukewarm but warmer? When I go fetch my boys at school and have to run errands, I prepare a bottle and keep it warm in a foam bottle warmer, but that only works for a certain time and then if she does drink it, she does not finish the feed according to her age and starts playing with teat and spitting out the milk. It then gets cold and she won't drink it at a later stage.

I would like to go out with my husband soon and I am trying the bottlefeeding at night as she will sleep over at Mom in law. I bought an electric bottlewarmer to keep milk warm, but it shuts off at a certain temp, not sure how long it keeps warm after that as I only tried an evening timeslot. She drinks but then leaves half a bottle left?

She started teething at 2 months and is dribbling quite a lot now.

Also every night at he 7pm time for bath, feed and sleep routine, she cries every night, for what I don't know. I keep her calm, play with her a little, has a nice lavender bath and massage, but she won't go peacefully to sleep - fretful for like 2-3 hrs every night.

If I don't give her a little panado syrup, like only 0.5ml only that time, then I would go nuts. My GP said it is fine in that dosage I must not worry. What is causing her o do this, it drives me nutty as I am home with her whole day, trying to work as I work from home, still have to attend to a 6yr and 11yr old when they get home from school and by that time I am spent.

Any advise I would greatly appreciate it.


ShaTerra - posted on 10/06/2010




It could be the taste of the milk or the nipple that she doesnt like. Try to find a nipple thats as close to the shape and feel of a breast as possible. If she's not eating, you'll definitely want to consult with her doctor for more advice on what you can do. Sorry I wasnt of much help.

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