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Breastfeeding First Time Moms

This is a community for First Time Moms who have made one of the best decisions for the well-being of their baby by choosing to breastfeed. This community follows the recommendation of La Leche League International (LLLI) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). This group is here to promote and encourage breastfeeding among first time, and expectant first time mothers. Group Guidelines: 1. This group does not support or encourage Formula. Please do not recommend Formula. 2. This group does not encourage or support weaning an infant under 12 months of age for any NON-MEDICAL reason. Please do not recommend someone else wean their baby if the baby under 12 months of age. 3. Do not threaten anyone in your posts, let's keep this supportive and friendly. 4. No solicitation 5. In line with LLLI we do not support or recommend the introduction of solids before 6 months of age. 6. Be aware of what you are posting. There is a difference of Opinion & Personal Attack: Opinion is welcomed, Personal Attack is not.



hi all breastfeeding mummys im mummy to bonnie she'l be 6 months on the 25th of this months we both really enjoy our decision to breastfeed we plan to go for at least a year...


well, that's that.

My daughter has now weaned herself completely at 14 months. She was just snacking whenever I gave her a feed in the morning and during the day, so I cut those two feeds out...