Breastfeeding is Love

We are a breastfeeding community, designed to educate, encourage and support each other. We accept mommies to be who are interested in breastfeeding, mommies who are currently breastfeeding and experienced breastfeeding mommas here to give advice to others. We follow the advice of the La Leche League (LLL) & the World Health Organization (WHO) and any advice given that goes against this will not be tolerated. We do not support supplementing with human milk substitutes or giving up for any reason (unless absolutely medically necessary), and we do not accept any excuses for giving up (unless absolutely medically necessary). Breastfeeding is not a "choice", it is every. single. baby's. birth-RIGHT. It is your responsibility as a Mother. We are all here to support one another in this journey that can be simple for some and very difficult for others. We are here to help you! If you are currently supplementing but would like to get your baby back to breast or 100% breast milk, we welcome you! You can do this!!!!


Medication and breastfeeding

Excellent resource for (evidence-based) information about a multitude of different medications and breastfeeding.


For the love of breasts

This is from a cute blog by a first time mom. It's why she loves breastfeeding.


Breastfeed in your sleep cartoon

Simple cartoon to get across the most obvious point about breastfeeding as you co-sleep: you get more sleep and baby gets more food! Nice to share with those who just don't...


I'm curious

I see all these moms around me posting pics after delivery and so many do not want to breast feed. I just don't understand them, after delivery naturally you feed your baby...


Solids advice from a Dr., WDYT?

I read this on a what to expect blog. I am just wondering what you guys think of it. I think it is more just propegation of wrong information because I've never heard this...


Circle of Moms Surveys

I'm sure that all of you have seen the random surveys members make on the homepage. One of them was 'Do you Breastfeed?' And the options were 'Religiously', 'Yes, but I had to...


Babies' rights

I am writing a paper on babies' rights, and am particularly interested in the use of CIO, and 'controlled crying' by some parents. My question for the parents in this group is...


Goats Rue

Has anyone tried goats rue to increase lactation? I was told to try it since the Fenugreek and even the Reglan isnt really working....I found a place that sells it locally along...


WHO height and weight charts link

Link to the WHO weight and height charts. More relevant to your breastfed babies than the charts we are all familiar with - those produced by formula companies, and used by...


Support Group Chat

I would like to start a real time support group chat once a week. I have decided to hold it at 8pm this Wednesday. Please let me know when it would work best for all of you to...


I love this group!

I have to say that I love this group. It's so refreshing. I originally joined the Breastfeeding Moms group when I was pregnant because I knew I wanted to breastfeed. My mom...

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