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HI I would just like to hear about if the cry it out method worked for you if so how long did it take etc I dont want to know all the reasons not to do it as i have already done it with great success im just curious about how it works for everyone else.

Thanks :)


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I always feel like every baby is different in this respect... for example, I have a 6 month old who hasn't fallen asleep in my arms since she was maybe 2 or 3 months. For her, CIO was necessary, because being held was just too stimulating.

Something that was helpful for me as we started down that path was learning "how" she was crying. We quickly learned the difference between "tired" cries and cries that were scared or hungry or something else. If the crying is too hard, she would need to be held for a bit, comforted, and put back down. At 6 months though, her doctor says she may be manipulating us a bit, and can be left to cry (as long as needs are all met), until she goes to sleep. We really haven't had to let her go longer than 15 min yet, so we'll see how this goes! Good luck getting your LO to sleep :-)

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hi i used the cio method from the day my babies were born they both have always put themselves to sleep neither really cried when put to bed untill about 6 months then i came to understand their cry disposition my eldest would winge a little then cry out loud once and be asleep my youngest would start soft then get loud and stop almost mid cry quite facinating the longet they cried for was about 3 minutes and sometimes not at all both slept through the night 8 hrs from 8 weeks of age and were exclusively breast fed through the day 3hrly till 8months for the first and 5 months for the seccond

i'm pleased that you found it to be a success i understand their are other oppinions on the matter but i have found it great as we can have people over go out basicly do anything and know the kids will keep in routine and sleep well

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It worked for me. I didn't research any methods or anything, I just did what made sense for my family and what felt "right".

When my daughter was about a month old, I started putting her in the cradle right next to my bed to fall asleep. I made sure she was well fed and clean before putting her down. She would cry for maybe 5 minutes then go to sleep. I'll admit the 5 minutes seemed like hours, but we timed it so I know it was only a short time. It only took her about a week to fall asleep with little to no fuss. Even when she woke up every 2-3 hours to feed, she would eat, I would put her down, and she would fall asleep. She was sleeping 6 hours by 3 months. To this day (almost 2 years old) she is pretty much a champ as sleeping.


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hi my daughter is 11 months and I just started cio 4 days ago, I modified it to suit her needs and she was asleep tonight after 20mins of crying.

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I am dealing with this issue right now. My son is 10 months old now, and he always falls asleep in my arms or in bed with me. I need him to start learning how to soothe himself in his own crib because I do not want him to get in the habit of sleeping between my husband and I. I started a bedtime routine a few days ago, and tonight was the first night I let him "Cry It Out". He cried for 2 hours.. and I don't hear anymore crying so I'm assuming he's asleep. I better go check on him.... Good luck!

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Hi, I tried it and it worked for a few nights, (she would wake at 10pm, and go back to sleep after a few minutes of crying - as long as the crying wasn't escalating into anything that sounded awful I felt ok) then she woke up at 12am and I would feed her, then left her when she woke again at 3. I was aiming for her to just wake at 12am, then to get rid of that one to.

So it seemed to work, but then she got a big time teething session and I couldn't leave her to cry knowing she was teething........ and since then I have just lost the will to try it! I have become resigned to that fact that this baby will just be a night owl, and will only grow out of it when she is fully weaned.

Weird to say, but it now feels easier to just go with the flow that to get stressed and upset about trying to get her to sleep better, she just won't do it!

April - posted on 04/06/2010




I've tried it once before and it was more than I could bear. It wasn't regular crying, it was like a baby panic attack with hyperventilating.

I had wanted to try it because it seemed to work quickly for a lot of people. For me...I stopped letting him cry at about 3 minutes because i felt it wasn't going to work (and he looked like he was about to be sick).

Also, my general rule of thumb is that if something isn't working right off the's the wrong method for me. I did the same with baby food. After a certain amount of time, I felt this was the wrong method for me and went with baby led weaning which worked immediately.

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