What have you found to be the best things and the worst things about breastfeeding?

Hannah - posted on 01/29/2010 ( 24 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

I was just thinking, shall we carry on sharing our experiences and getting to know each other a bit while the group continues to grow?

Here are mine...

My best things: (obvious, but number one on the list) not having to wash up, sterilise, and take out a massive rutsack full of bottle related supplies every time I leave the house for five minutes,

being able to snooze while I do a night time feed,

being able to lose 2lb in weight overnight during growth spurts! (to put it back on again just as quickly thanks to massive chocolate cravings!)

Worst things: Mastitis mastitis mastitis,

seeing my partner sleep blissfully beside me and not even realising our baby has woken up 4 time that night,

getting stuck watching something awful on tv and not being able to reach the remote control while feeding my baby


Jodi - posted on 02/01/2010




For me...

The best:

That smile my 11 month old daughter gives me with my nipple still in her mouth, then she laughs and milk spills out...priceless.

putting my breastmilk on her diaper rash and seeing it gone that same day

it's free, it's convenient and it's always with me wherever I go, no supplies neccessary!

The bad:

having baby stuck on boob alllll night, I'm large chested so I have to lay on my side, but be leaning back a little bit for her to stay latched, it gets uncomfortable


and that is seriously all I can think of! lol (for the bad, I could go on and on about the good, I love breastfeeding!)

Minnie - posted on 01/30/2010





Best thing: I know I'm a mammal and that my daughter is a mammal- and that I am providing her exactly what she needs to grow optimally and the best source of comfort there is for her- and- losing 16 extra pounds over my prepregancy weight doesn't hurt either!

Worst... the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance I had with my first. Due to horrible advice from nurses at the hospital (nurse 15 minutes tops, both sides, each feeding). She projectile vomited several times a day, had bad gas, frothy green poo...poor thing. So thankful to LLL for the information I received and was able to do it the right way the second time around!


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Terri - posted on 02/04/2010





Convience, free and the bonding time. Knowing its the best for her. Great for clearing up weepy eyes.


Breasts going from DD to an F cup and not being able to find a bra without paying a bloody fortune! Saggy boobs after feeding 4 kids, the girls dont sit where they used to thats for sure lol!

Biting when teeth come through and bleeding and cracked nipples in those first weeks, ouchy!!

And finally the weaning, thats the worse :(

Amythyst - posted on 02/03/2010




best: smiles, handy food, no cleaning bottle, bonding, not having to get out of bed every time she wakes up (still at least 3 times at 1 year)
worst: when she wants to eat every hour on the hour and i start to feel like an all you can eat buffet and the biting that goes on; especially at these times when milk suppl cannot keep up with demand
never had mastitis, thrush or any other feeding problems other then the biting. and lots of it. so lucky in that respect.

Melissa - posted on 02/03/2010




wow! Jodi...breast milk on a diaper rash?...that's a nice to know. Gotta file that one away :)

Krista - posted on 02/01/2010




Jodi, have you tried the football or "clutch" hold? You sit cross legged, and quite literally hold the baby under your arm, facing up, with the back of her shoulders resting on your thigh. You can then position your breast from there, and it's very easy to actually see what position your nipple is in, which helps with the latch. I have large breasts too, and found it was the best way to get a decent latch. The cradle and cross-cradle holds were utterly useless for me.

Courtney - posted on 02/01/2010




The Best Things:
-Hearing my son gulp when I let down.. (knowing he's getting enough)
-Looking down at my baby and he's looking at me while he's nursing, then stops to smile and then attacks my nipple again =)
-My sons hands rubbing my back as comfort while he nurses.
-Boobs went from a 34B to 36E (makes husband happy) =)

The Worst Things:
-Having to use a nipple shield to draw out my flat nipples for the first 3 weeks of my son's life
-Mastitis (had it after the first week of nursing)

Obviously there are more Best things than Worst.. I love BREASTFEEDING!

Krista - posted on 01/31/2010




Best: the cuddles, the satisfying feeling of knowing I was providing food for my child, the feeling of triumph at being able to provide ANY breastmilk, seeing his tiny hand holding my breast, and not having to sterilize, wash, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Worst: Not being able to produce enough milk and the guilt that came with it. The interminable, frustrating pumping (I'm convinced that "Medela" is Swiss for "torture device"). Constantly smelling like pancakes after consuming disgusting quantities of fenugreek.

Jennifer - posted on 01/31/2010




Best thing:
the relaxed feeling you get when your breast is being drained and the close bond I feel with my baby. I love watching him cuddle up to my breast for a good feed and seeing his little hand holding my breast. He looks so safe and happy:)

Worst thing:
Not feeling like letting my husband touch them like he used to or as often. Not painful just weird. They still feel the same but mentallly I don't find it as much of a turn on as i think about them leaking or the fact they are for feeding at the moment. Also when they used to leak all the time and when they used to be engorged. Now they have mellowed out a bit and only get massive if my baby sleeps too long and I am waiting to feed. I am happy to be one who can do it because SOOOO many women I know couldn't breastfeed (??) weird that there are so many.

April - posted on 01/30/2010




the best thing about breast feeding is that my son has NEVER been sick and it's the only time he lets me cradle him.

the worst things are BLOCKED DUCTS, pumping, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, having to wear my bra all the time even at 13 months old, and lack of familial support

Cristy - posted on 01/30/2010




Well Hannh I've found that although the smiles are nice when she comes off the milk squirting halfway across the room isn't. I've had to take to feeding in the least stimulating environment possible.

Hannah - posted on 01/30/2010




Oh I love reading these! I had forgotten so many of the good things, like Melissa said, watching your baby get all chubby knowing it has all come from you and nothing else. And 'the girls are now women' ha ha that's funny I like it!

And I have to add, my new best thing about breastfeeding is now the way she stops half way through just to smile up at me. Awww. My first (bottle fed) baby never did that.... but I love them both of course.

Cassie - posted on 01/30/2010




What a great topic!!!! :)

-the cuddles during nursing
-the milk drunk look when Kiera was much younger
-Free and perfect food
-No bottles to clean
-all of the awesome healing properties of breastmilk

-I hate pumping so I couldn't get away from the house much when Kiera was younger
-engourgement early on
-leaking for the first six months
-not getting to sleep through the night until she was 14 months old

[deleted account]

Best: Free, easy, great way to comfort my son.

Worst: Being a 'zombie' for the first 3 months of my girls lives (that could of had to do w/ having newborn twins and my low iron as well though), my son still rarely sleeping through the night at 22 months now.

Melissa - posted on 01/30/2010




these are all sooo good!

Best: watching my girly get all chubby,
feeling like my body is finally doing what it was made to do,
the milk drunk look,
the way she nudges me when she's in 'position',
the girls are now women,
the money saved on formula,
pumping so I never get mastitis again

Worst: the girls are now women,
bigger bra= bigger price,
waking up engorged at 0dark early and she's sleeping peacefully (I like that part tho),

[deleted account]

The best thing about breastfeeding is when the boy comes up to me, grabs two fistfulls of my shirt and then plows his face into my chest. Nothing else in the world makes you feel as powerful as when that baby says, 'I'm hungry... fix it" and only YOU can.

I'll never admit it to my husband, but I don't pump because I don't want to share this with him, or anyone else.

Those fat rolls are a trophy to me!

The worst part of breastfeeding is all the ignorant advice that you get pelted with. "You are going to spoil him." "You are going to make him have buck teeth." "He isn't getting any vitamins that way." "How do you know he's getting enough to eat?" and my all time favorite... "You should be hiding in the bathroom doing that."

Tarah - posted on 01/29/2010




Best things: the convenience!!!

and knowing that im the only one that can provide my little boy with such good stuff!

the cost!!!

i love the night time feed when its just us and i can hear him sucking and swallowing (its so cute)

bigger boobs YAY!!

Worst:only i can do it so i dont get a break.

needing to go to the toilet halfway through a feed.

leaking milk :(

stretch marks on my boobs(im sure they will go eventually)

Cristy - posted on 01/29/2010




Best for me: Convenience, feel less guilt, I always felt guilty giving a bottle, bonding and the boost in antibodies for bub, it's gotten her through some nasty viruses that went through our house

Worst: Expressing, leaking, having to wear a bra 24/7 except in the shower for the first few months, painful letdown

Jenny - posted on 01/29/2010




Nicole you took my favorite thing!! I loved feeding her from my body. My body and I have always had kind of a love/hate relationship. But after pregnancy childbirth and breastfeeding, I have a newfound respect for her. It makes me so sad when women won't breastfeed because they can only see their bodies as sexual and not maternal. I also love those milk drunk smiles, and the big gulping sounds when my milk lets down. My kids are noisy eaters and make a kind of grunting sounds as they nurse. I love it!

I do NOT love mastitis. I got it on both sides at once. And I agree I get a little annoyed when my husband says, "Hey! She slept all night last night!" and I say "No. She didn't She was up three times."

Nicole - posted on 01/29/2010




Oh Carol... I can't believe I forgot those smiles in my list. Boobie smiles are the best! And I also sneek extra time in bed in the am =)

Johnny - posted on 01/29/2010




The best:

Those breastfeeding smiles, when they look up at you with that "milk drunk" grin.
Knowing that I was giving her the "perfect" food that nature had designed exactly for her.
Being able to quickly comfort her when she was hurt or scared.
Sneaking an extra half-hour in bed in the morning by bringing her into bed to nurse instead of getting up.

The worst:

The unbelievable guilt of not being able to produce enough milk.
Mastitis, mastitis, mastitis.
Hours of pumping to build my milk supply. Also all the medication and herbs I had to take.
Being bitten, and having to teach her not to each time she grows a new tooth.

Nicole - posted on 01/29/2010




The worst thing was the entire period from birth to eight weeks. I struggled with cracked, bleeding nipples, poor latch, nipple confusion, and thrush. Having no family with experience or an understanding of breastfeeding, I've been pressured to swith to formula which made me second guess my abilities.

The best is the comfort it brings to him and a special feeling of acomplishment I get from feeding him from myself. It feels like an extension of the pregnancy where my body was all there was to keep him thriving. I love the simplicity of it now that I've worked out all the kinks (knocking on wood).

Jennifer - posted on 01/29/2010




Great idea!

To be the best thing is the convenience. When she woke up at night my husband would go pick her up, bring her to me and I could just lay there and feed her. No heating, no cleaning, no packing bottles to go anywhere. Oh, and helping me drop the 40 pregnancy pounds in 9 weeks was nice too.

The worst thing has been the increase in cup size. Probably an odd one but I was a DDD to begin with and now, well, it makes shopping hard and bra shopping even harder. :)

[deleted account]

Best things:

Being able to provide the most perfect food for my beautiful daughter

Boob is always there and food never runs out!

Worst things:

Nagging...Are you sure she is getting enough? Why did you only pump 3 oz? She needs more than 3oz when she eats! (she is so much more efficient than that pump) Why is she crying and not latching....does she need formula? (no, she's crying bc she's scared and not latching bc she's not hungry) Can she have formula so she can spend the night? She's too small...she needs formula. Why hasn't she had solids yet? on and on and on...

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