11 mo old 100% breastfed but not thriving...

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Hi Folks,

I could use some help/support, I've been BFing my 11 mo old his entire life, but rarely enjoy it. I have no choice really, he refuses any bottle/sippy cupp / formula I've tried them all. I have others try them all, and I've even tried to go back to work and have the day care worker say he was "terrible" would not take his Breast milk bottles and ate very little of his solid food. He has only gained 1 pound in the last 7 months and has now fallen off the charts (my sweet little runt) As far as solids go, I can get him to eat 3-4 oz of sweet potatoes with rice consistently but very little else.
He doesnt sleep through the night ( wakes every 2 hours) and we co-sleep since it was easier for me to nurse him that often.

With that said, the Doctors dont know what to do and I would really really like to start supplementing milk/formula/ some caloric boost but the bottle/sippy cup is preventing it. Any suggestions to help? Maybe I wasnt clear, I'm sure I wasnt. I'm just at my wits end, broke from not working, and afraid for my little guy. Tests keep coming up negative for things they are testing for but I really just want him to start growing.

Did I mention that my husband wants me to start BF after he is 1? Said he really needs to self soothe ( which I agree with) I cant leave him with anyone longer than 3 hours and I could use a break. ugh


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First off I'll just tell you about me and my son, he ate very little solids until 1 year, very little he breastfed about every two hours in the day and about three times each night. He weighed 23 lbs at 6 months and 26 at 1 year. Now at 1 1/2 he is 27lbs.
Ok so wig wise can you post what his weigt was previously, and has he gAined height recently. If he is gaining height but not weight then I wouldn't worry too much, he can't keep gaining weight forever! But if it's both height and weight then I'd ask what do you eat? Do you get enough dairy, protein, whole grains, and fruits and veggies? If you don't eat well it could affect him too. Do you drink a lot of water? You need to drink a lot to make a lot of milk. If you get thirsty you are already dehydrated so drink lots.
Are you stressed? If you have big stresses in your life it could affect your milk production. How is his latch? Is he getting the full areola in the mouth? Is he swallowing every suck for the most part? How are his wet and poopy diapers? He should be wetting a lot, I think8 times a day and pooping like 1 time a day or less is ok too. Is he developing ok? Does he walk or crawl, is he babbling? Does he understand you when you say simple things to him?
Ok well I can get you some more links but for statrers go to kellymom.com and then to askdrsears.com and then to llli.org and locate a lll leader near you. They are moms who have breastfed and are up to date on all the best advise and tips. Call one near you and ask her. Or go to your local hospital and see a lactation consultant. Idk if they charge a fee but the lll is free:)

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