11 month old self weaning-HELP!

Sharon - posted on 10/19/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've been nursing my 11 month old since birth. He's never had formula let alone drank out of a bottle (I know to introduce the bottle next time around ;P). The last couple of days I have noticed he isn't so interested in nursing anymore. He's taking much more liquids by his sippy cup and maybe thats why? I was hoping to nurse him until 18 months but he turns away from the breast and is totally fine going napping or sleep for the night without any milk. Should I be worried? I thought maybe it was because he was cutting his 7th tooth but that tooth is already cut. Any advice/suggestions? How early/late did your little ones self wean?


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Brandy - posted on 10/19/2009




I decided to give my daughter a bottle of formula at 8 and a half months. I though that I could put in one a day for a month, then put another one in because I wanted to slowly start weaning. That was the last day she took breastmilk during the day. The only time after that that she would take my breast was if she woke in the night and was still half asleep. Other than that, she wanted formula all the time and within a week of that day, she wouldn't even want to feed at night anymore. If she woke, I would try giving her my breast and she would push me away and just want me to comfort her back to sleep again. I though at would at least have night feedings going for another few months but she decided to wean herself from me so I know how you feel. Sometimes they can just decide that they are done and there is nothing you can do about it. I know you won't have that closeness, but if you still want him to have some breastmilk, you could pump and feed it to him in his sippy cup.

Lisa - posted on 10/19/2009




well if he's fine with it, I'd go with it too. I nursed all my babies for two years each (though with one boy i wish I had weaned him at 6 months he turned into such a boob perv! lol) and when weaning they still wanted boob.

but a lot of babies around a year old like drinking from a cup because that's what everyone else does and they are trying to be like you.

my mom told me I self weaned at 8 months...so each baby is different.

just offer and if he refuses, don't take it personally. just get your snuggles in another way. :)

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