17 months of breastfeeding and now its over, I have a issue....

Jillian - posted on 09/14/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have been breastfeeding my son now for 17 months and everything went well. Its been 2 weeks now since he has weaned off. My problem is that one boob is full of milk and the other is not. I amd sore and tender to the touch. Do I pump the full breast and then leave it alone??? I have breastfed all 3 of my children, but never had this issue. Please help me out. Thanks


Sara - posted on 09/14/2009




I'm having the same issue!! I nursed mine for 1 year and weaned slowly and my right one is about to explode, though my left one is tender. I've been told to wear a tight supportive sports bra (which helped a ton w/ discomfort!!!) and put cold cabbage leaves in my bra (which helped because they were cold, but didn't dry me up) and to not touch them at all. I was also told I can get in a warm shower just to relieve some pressure or I can pump for 3-4 minutes every 3 days - but not too much or you will just keep producing milk. Just enough to relieve a bit.

Best of luck... I hope I dry up soon too! This is rediculous!!




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Rachael - posted on 09/15/2009




Congrats on breastfeeding for so long!

Okay- so when you're in the shower, apply pressure and kind of massage your breast. Basically, squeeze the milk out. It will keep filling up for a few days, but after a while it will stop producing because it isn't getting the "sucking action".

Laura - posted on 09/14/2009




Agree with what people have posted above:
1. Don't pump- it will just make your breast continue to produce.
2. Warm showers help, but don't use this too often, as it also stimulates production.
3. You are awesome- great job with SEVENTEEN months of BF!!!

Laura - posted on 09/14/2009




I started weening breastfeeding when my daughter was around 10 months old and was completely done by 1 year. She is now 3 and I still have milk in my right breast. The best thing you can do is express enough to relieve the pressure but not too much because you will keep producing. If you are anything like me, you'll always have a little bit in there.

Heather - posted on 09/14/2009




Hi Jillian! GREAT JOB!!! I wouldn't pump. When I had to wean my first, I just expressed as much by hand as I could in a hot shower. I did not pump because I was told I would keep producing milk. Expressing by hand worked for me. I had to do it a few times, but it worked! GOOD LUCK!!! =)

Nikki - posted on 09/14/2009




First, WAY TO GO MOMMA!!!!! That is awesome! :)

I haven't weaned yet, so I have no idea - but check out Kellymom.com or babycenter.com for weaning info. Also, I LOVE Cafemom.com and there is a breastfeeding group that is run by a lactation consultant.

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