18 month old - Thin front teeth??

Mindy - posted on 08/17/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have just started noticing my 18 month old's teeth are really thin around the edges and she has a few small chips in one of her teeth. As far as I can see it's just the two front teeth. She has always nursed a ton and still nurses a lot at night.

Has anyone else experienced this? I really don't want to stop nursing and I know she's not ready to wean. But I am Worried all of the nursing is the cause.

Should I take her to the dentist and have them checked?

I'm so glad I found this community. I love breastfeeding and this is the longest I have nursed any of my children. I really regret weaning my boys early just because I thought I was supposed to :( I would love to let my daughter self-wean when she is ready.



Sally - posted on 08/20/2013




I was concerned about night nursing until I read the following quote form an anthropologist (paraphrasing) "For breastmilk to harm human teeth would be evolutionary suicide."
If you're worried, take her to a dentist. If she doesn't seem bothered, there probably isn't anything wrong, but it always feels better to hear it from a professional and if there is a problem faster diagnosis will make faster healing more likely.
Don't let them pressure you to stop nursing. It's the best thing you can do for her at all ever, but unfortunately very few health professionals know that.

Sandy - posted on 11/15/2013




I stumbled on this post because I had the same exact question as the poster thank you guys for your reassurance!


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Rebecca - posted on 08/27/2013




My son had the same problem, but it started before he was even 12 months. He kept chipping his front teeth. We thought it was just bad luck (he banged his face on the granite counter, he fell down on the sidewalk) but when we took him to the dentist, he determined that he was born with a condition that causes weak enamel on his front two teeth (it usually affects molars, not fronts). Before the diagnosis, one of the hygienists had the nerve to suggest that I should stop breastfeeding. I ignored her. Ugh- it's amazing how little so-called healthcare professionals understand about breastfeeding.

The end result is that he chipped them 3 or 4 times. At 20 months, he had a sedation apointment (soooo nerve wracking for me!!) to clean up the damage and cap them. All went well but we had to have the caps fixed on the one tooth twice after that and finally the dentist said this is crazy, the caps aren't lasting - we need a better fix. About a month ago my son got a crown! That has lasted (through falls, corn on the cob), so I'm happy.

Anyway, long story short -- see a pediatric dentist. They can tell you if your daughter has a tooth / enamel problem or what. The good news: 95% of kids only have weak enamel in their baby teeth, not their adult teeth so my fingers are crossed that this problem will not plague my son as he gets older.

PS: I always knew when he re hipped his teeth because of nursing! I could feel it before I ever saw it!

Margarita - posted on 08/25/2013




I definitely agree with taking her to the dentist. Actually, the AAP recommends a dental check-up every 6 mos after age one. Only a specialist can tell you if there is a problem and the best way to go about fixing it. If you are concerned about the effect of residue breast milk on her teeth, just give her a sip or two of water when she's done nursing. Good luck!

Lori - posted on 08/17/2013




if you're worried about her teeth, taking her to the dentist might be a good idea. If nothing else you'll be reassured that her teeth are normal.

however: NURSING is almost for certain NOT the cause of ANY tooth problems. Bottle mouth can cause cavities, but breastfeeding won't. Breastfeeding also WON'T make your teeth thin. If hers are even really thin.

Chipped??? hmmm, older siblings, playing around, does she ever get bumped? fall down? Chances are that's what's caused the chips.


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