19 month old still nursing... How do I stop this??

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I love my Henry and the bond we have through him nursing, but he's 19 months old with a mouth full of teeth! I'm tired of him pulling on my shirt saying "pitty peeeeese!" while in a public place. I mean I'm all about nursing anywhere... just not a big boy like my Henry. I know the bottom line to getting to stop nursing is to just stop giving it to him, but I need advice ladies! It's so hard to tell him no. Especially when he screams and throws a tantrum. I don't know what to do, but I want him off. I'm going to start working soon and I think that'll either help get him off of me... or do the opposite and just make him want me more. Help!! Please.


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It sounds like he needs some nursing manners. My boys weren't allowed to tug on my shirt. Honestly, I didn't treat nursing any different when they threw a tantrum.

I'd try nursing manners and setting limits and see how you feel. After I set limits with my boys, I felt better with continuing. Nursing a toddler while working shouldn't be an issue because you can nurse while together.

Now, if you WANT to wean because you're just done, then I'd cut back slowly. I'll share what I did to cut them back, but I'm sure you can do the same if you want to wean all together.
-Distractions. I'd try to keep their minds off of nursing by keeping them busy.
-Shorten sessions-I'd say "OK, when I get to 10, nah nahs are all done!" It took a few times but after awhile they got the idea.
-Try offering a snack or another drink when he wants to nurse

Here's some more ideas:

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