1st child, 7mo old, co-sleeper transitioning to crib, wakes every 2 hours

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I am a first time mom, SAHM, with a 7-month old daughter. She slept better at 2 and 3 months old. Shortly after her 3-month birthday she got sick and never returned to a good night-sleeping habit. She is still breast-fed. I just started her out in the crib at the beginning go the evening, goes back in her co-sleeper bed around 3am. She wakes to nurse every 2-3 hours at night with additional awakenings, crying to be soothed or for her pacifier. I am a sleep deprived mess, makes my time with her in the day difficult; which is not fair to her.

Help needed!

Techniques, book recommendations, etc... As mentioned I have practiced co-sleeping and attachment parenting.


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Sleep changes are normal during the first year… or two. Neither of my girls slept through the night until well past 1 year old. They'd go through phases of sleeping better, and then phases of waking more frequently. But ultimately they didn't start sleeping through the night consistently until 1 1/2 or 2 yrs old. My younger daughter woke to nurse every 2-3 hours until her 2nd birthday. At that time I decided to try (again) to night wean. I wasn't successful the first time i'd tried it, but this time it did work. And while it took less time to get her back to sleep with just a back rub or a little hug, she still woke up several times per night for several more months.

Personally I believe that it's OK to do whatever it takes for everyone to get the most sleep. For me, that was nursing the baby back to sleep several times per night. I tried so many different sleep training methods with my first, and none of them worked. If anything, it made things much more difficult. With my 2nd I just went with the flow, and let my baby tell me what she needed. Yes, I was sleep deprived ALOT. And doing anything when sleep deprived is MUCH harder.

Having her close to you at night will make it easier for you to soothe her back to sleep when she wakes. If you can reach her, then you won't need to get up, and you'll also fall back to sleep easier when she's back asleep.

Also: since you mentioned attachment parenting: Do you carry her around in a sling or other carrier during the day much? Babies who are carried more tend to sleep better and cry less than babies who who are not carried much.

And: another thought…. does your little one suffer from reflux or any other medical condition that would make her uncomfortable at night?

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