2 months old and still doing the football hold

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I am big busted size g and i cannot seem to get him latched on in the cradle hold. any hints of help would be appreciated. I cant go out much bc i cant nurse in public! awfully hard! lol. help?


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thanks sorry im just now getting back to you. I did the football hold with my daughter for 2 months too, but after a while she just got used to the cradle hold. I do go out, its just harder. i nursed my daughter for 14 months, so im not quitting anytime soon. But my ky refuses to nurse unless were on a couch. ive tried just a chair with a pillow under my arm, but he just wont do it. So when I go somewhere I either nurse in the car (which he will do) or i find a couch. Like at church I found a couch in a room no one uses. He is getting big and kicking off the back of the couch. Also I havent mastered useing a hooters hider or whatever. lol.i guess just one of these days he will get it! thaanks for ur help

Dawna - posted on 08/19/2011




Hey, I am completely in your boat. I have never used cradle except with the support of Bobby or Breastfriend. You CAN nurse in public! Federal Law SAYS you can. However, if you want to be modest I suggest getting a Hooter Hider and a Breastfriend/Boppy :-) Or wearing your shirts in such a way that you are as modest as you can . My baby girl is 17mo. and we are still nursing honey!! I used a Boppy and Hooter Hider in the beginning that way you can use the Boppy to prop him up and the Hider to, well, hide. For football hold: put the Bobby centered under the boob your nursing on and also slide the HH centered over that side. Wha-la!! It will feel uncomfortable in the beginning so work on it even at home. If you want to try cradle you will have a better time with the Bobby/Breastfriend, by the way. Also, no matter the position make sure you are using one hand to prop up your breast. (The pull can start to hurt...) The Boppy/Breastfriend will also help with your issues of latch... it will prop the baby up so that you can use your hands to get the latch right. PS Boppy- I used to go. Kept in my car. Breastfriend- I prefer this one but is not very easy to take on the go. If you want more hints or advice send me a message and I will try to help you through this time. It DOES get easier, even with the mammouths!!! hahahahaha

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