2 week old sleeps through the night is it safe for supply?

Ania - posted on 05/31/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My exclusively bf baby sleeps a lot at night she is also gaining weight so far. My question is is it safe for my milk supply or should I pump or wake her up ( hard to wake her) every 4 hours so I don't jeopardize my production in those first crucial weeks


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Do what makes you feel comfortable. I am bf my fourth and she likes her sleep. The first was every 2 hours at first, the middle ones had their own schedules, but 4 sleeps from 10pm to 6 am and is growing well. In fact, she is in 75% on growth chart. But if you are up and worried, try waking baby by removing clothes, tickling, changing diaper, etc. If she is eating well during day, I wouldn't be concerned.

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first, check out a website kellymom.com. This is a great website recommended to me by lactation nurses at hospital when I delivered.

Second, I have talked to my pediatrician about this. She told me as long as your baby is healthy and is gaining weight at an acceptable pace then let the baby sleep and let you know when she is hungry. Just be thankful to have one of those babys that sleeps through the night. Your baby will tell you when she is hungry. She will not starve if you let her sleep.

Now you are worried about production. As far as I know, your body regulates and adjusts to a schedule. So yes you may be full and engorged for a few night but once your body realizes that the baby is sleeping through the night, it will regulate itself to only produce during the day. but check with a lactation consultant or your doctor of course.

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Thank You for everyone's input. Happy Mama, thats what I thought....I just wanted to see what other moms experienced. This is my second child. First one was awake every two hours at night or more for a year, so this one's behavior freaked me out. But there is no issue anymore because she started waking up at night and I'm exhausted ;) but I know that my supply will be fine :) in the long run now

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according to the nursing consultant at the hospital where I had my antenatal classes, at your babies age you should make sure to wake her for a feed every 2-4hours, firstly to ensure that she is getting all she needs and doesnt start to lose weight, secondly to keep your supply up and thirdly to stop the whole thing turning into a vicious cycle where she sleeps well at night so has less milk, meaning she gets less energy, meaning she sleeps more..etc etc.

check with your own doctor, but personally I would rather wake the baby and feed her, even if its just to relive your full boobs, lol :)


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Happy - posted on 06/05/2012




What the other Moms are saying about letting her sleep is right on if you are concerned about her growth right now. BUT, it will jeapordize your future supply. Breastfeeding is supply and demand. A baby yours age needs to be nursing evry 2-3 hours or at least 8 times in a 24 hour period to establish your supply. Once baby reaches 6 weeks, then you can relax about letting her sleep for 5-6 hours at night. As a lactation consultant in training and a LLL member, I have never met a Mom who let her baby sleep through the night at this age who didn't have to start supplementing by 3 months. Please wake your baby and nurse. A good way is to change her diaper, even if it isn't wet/soiled. If you do not, your exclusively bf baby will not be exclusively breastfed for long.

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